Japonica Sushi Rice

Short story of rice for sushi
Japanese rice, or japonica rice, is a very particular variety. For traditional Japanese dishes you simply cannot substitute long-grain rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice, Carolina type rice, and so on. 
A good onigiri, a good sushi roll, a good nigiri-zushi, and most of all a good bowl of rice are not made from crushed, watery, mushy rice; they are made from slightly sticky grains of rice that are gently pushed together. In addition, jasmine rice and other types of rices have a flavor that is utterly different from that of japonica rice. If you serve plain jasmine rice with a Japanese meal, it will simply taste wrong.

Few popular 'first grade' Japanese rice varieties include Sasanishiki, Koshihikari and Akita Komachi.

rice for sushi - vinaned - thu trinh tran

Short grain Japonica rice, the best for sushi, was first cultivated in Japan about 2,400 years ago. Today, the most notable sushi rice is Koshihikari, which is ideal for moulding into sushi shapes. 
Loc Troi group is proudly to introduce our Japonica rice with the combination of Koshihikari and Hananomai hybrid seeds first time in Europe. 

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